Project Team: Orkney Islands Council

Project Title: Fortress Orkney

Inspired by the film, Emeric Pressburger’s 'The Spy in Black', which was filmed in Orkney and was based on J Storer Clouston’s novel, "Fortress Orkney" will focus on the effect of the Second World War on civilians in Hoy, centring on the Lyness Naval Base. Based on the life of an individual – either real or imagined - a young naval rating from the mainland, it will build up a picture of life during and after the war in Hoy through the people he met. The vignettes will be built from real people and events from Orcadian wartime history. These will include: his initial journey to Hoy on the St Ola; the relationship with his landlady; his social life including going to the cinema; the Orkney Blast, a newspaper for the Forces; the local shops and amenities; and his Orcadian girlfriend. Young people from local schools and Cultural Studies students from Orkney College will play a key role in collecting the material.

Exhibitions in this Project: