Project Team: Aberdeenshire Council

Project Title: What's The War Got To Do With Us?

This World War II project will focus on the towns of Banff, Macduff and Whitehills in the north-west of Scotland, with a particular emphasis on Duff House and the Boyndie Aerodrome. It will explore: the towns, perched as they are on a vulnerable coastline; Duff House, with its history as a base for units of Norwegian and Polish soldiery and as a German POW camp; the surrounding countryside, dotted with famous airfields (particularly Boyndie), serving both bomber and coastal command as well as more clandestine operations; and implications for farming during a time of war. Pupils from local schools will be introduced to evidence from the World War II period at Duff House, the Boyndie Centre and 'in the field'. Veterans will be sought to contribute to the project with considerable emphasis being placed on seeking civilians who can reminisce about the Home Front during World War II.

Exhibitions in this Project: