Project Team: The Gordon Highlanders Museum, Aberdeen

Project Title: Post War: A North East Perspective

Through "Post War Conflicts and Peace Keeping Missions", The Gordon Highlanders Museum will, between September 2008 and October 2009, explore this period through the eyes of Gordon Soldiers, their families, the wider community, and where possible, immigrants of the countries who lived in Scotland at the time of the conflicts. Oral histories will be based around where the Gordon Highlanders served after World War II, such as Kenya, Palestine, and Zanzibar.

Exhibitions in this Project:


Daily Life - DRAFT

This vignette explores the challenges and issues faced by soldiers in their daily life abroad.view project


Climate culture and environment - DRAFT

This vignette focuses on challenges and issues faced by soldiers when experiencing an other culture and country.view project


Post service experience - DRAFT

This vignette focuses on what soldiers did after they left the army.view project