About Remembering Scotland At War

Remembering Scotland At War is a pioneering online museum with a social networking area particularly aimed at 'capturing memories'. It has been developed by Museums Galleries Scotland to showcase and encourage personal accounts from civilians, younger and older veterans, and currently serving military of how conflict has affected them.

The culmination of a 3 year project led by Museums Galleries Scotland and funded by the Big Lottery Fund, Remembering Scotland At War features over 200 exhibitions, interviews, photographs and footage spanning from the Second World War to more recent conflicts including Iraq and Afghanistan. Accounts include personal stories of individuals, families, local communities, and even the impact on Scotland's landscapes.

In addition to the online museum's exhibitions, there is an interactive social media area where personal memories can be exchanged and anyone can create a profile to upload their own reminiscences, photographs and videos, discuss exhibitions and make comments. The museum is free, constantly evolving and fully interactive.

With Scotland being heavily involved in recent and on-going conflicts such as Afghanistan and Iraq, Remembering Scotland At War can provide a forum for recently serving soldiers and their families to record their memories and experiences.

As part of developing the online museum, Museums Galleries Scotland worked with 13 museums and galleries across Scotland to create the thought-provoking exhibitions. Part of creating these stories involved working closely with local schools, youth and community groups to gather emotive reminiscences. A key element of the work involved bringing older and younger generations together to learn from each other.

The exhibitions feature hundreds of moving accounts. Being taken prisoner by the Germans in World War Two, being a child buried in rubble during the Clydebank Blitz and training for deployment to Afghanistan are all examples of how people have remembered a 'conflict role'.

Remembering Scotland At War also features a dedicated learning centre where pupils, teachers and parents can download school-based activities.  It will also be available to teachers and pupils through Learning and Teaching Scotland's new Scottish schools' intranet, Glow, giving more access to images.


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